Ohno's bday~
uwaaaa~ i didn't get to post on ohno's bday~
anyway...im still not forgetting how awesome our ridaa is~
love him lots~~~ he's so cute and adorable and all~ *dreamy*
Keep spacing out ohno!hahaha! love you ridaaaa! Happy Birthday! ^_^

Christmas is fast approaching~
Oh it's that time of the year again~ haizzz
I need money to spend on gifts fufufufu~ hehe
But it's still fun giving and receiving gifts ne~
Have a blast everyone!

Not so Sure
I am not so sure if anyone is reading my LJ lols..
But It was fun backreading my entries hahaha...
How i Fangirl so much <3
And dont worry I'm still an Arashi fangirl..Just not posting much hehe XD

Ei YO!~
Just not posting haha XD
what's the latest news?

Hello! How's everyone..I have decided to show up again hehe XD
Yesterday was a leap day and I enjoyed the booths here in the office..
What I do not enjoy is the changes that's gonna happen to us.
Too restricting in my opinion. Please don't do this to us. :(

The Musical
Okay it's me again..watching a new drama called The Musical.. i like it ! At first I thought Daniel Choi was not cute but as I watch the series..OMY I love his smile and all! haha XD But I like the 2nd male lead for Eun Bi as well..why do they always make us want the 2nd male lead as well...T_T.well i recomment this you guys! Enjoy!!

Protect the boss
Adding to my long list of drama addiction is this funny drama Protect the Boss. Yeah Jaejoong is here in this drama but i follow this one mainly because i like Ji Sung and Eun Sol.I love this pair that's why I keep watching it! Check it out yo! It's good!

Scent of a Woman
What !~ Kim Sun Ah (famous for being Kim Sam Soon) and Lee Dong Wook (lead in My Girl) are in that drama! Why havent I noticed that before~ Wahhh...dramas overload~! loving it!~

Ikemen desu ne & Ouran
Okay so I havent watched this drama yet , but I hope this is good.haha XD and also I am waiting for the live action of Ouran High School Host Club wee! Too many doramas to watch!

Spy Myung Wol
OK..In addition to my growing lists of dramas is this drama Spy Myung Wol..Story is interesting as well. And I love it because it has  a weird but serious story line haha XD watch out for this yo! it is still on going!


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